Using Bitcoin virtual currency for gambling

The main advantage of the online bitcoin casino is that all the results of the game are probably fair . What does this mean?

This means that an online gamer can check with a single click and make sure that the result of a game is true. And what is more important than this is that online casino operators can no longer cheat or mislead you.

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Although the bitcoin online casino industry is relatively new, the blockchain technology in use is already reaching the large and well-known online casino operators that accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Because blockchain technology verifies all transactions, making withdrawals is much easier now than in conventional online casinos. Document verification is no longer necessary, which means that withdrawals can be processed much faster, almost instantly.

If you like to play 新加坡网上赌博 online casino on a Sunday afternoon, you can also do it with all the comfort of your home with bitcoin online casinos. Similar to traditional casinos, Bitcoin online casinos offer even higher payout percentages and odds on some online slot machines.

To increase the confidence of online players, some online bitcoin casinos post their payout percentage audits on their web portals.

The results of each bitcoin casino game depend on the random data generated by a PRNG (pseudo-random number generator). This concept is used in online casino games such as cards, dice, roulette, or even slot machines.

These results are audited, and the player can be sure that the software has not been tampered with and there are no trust concerns.…

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Shall we play at the casino? First challenge guide: game recommendations for beginners

Usually Macau is a city of gastronomy and Las Vegas is a city of shows, but it is also a city of casinos.


A casino is not a gambling experience, but an experience that can be done in a travel destination. Here are some light games that can be easily challenged at the travel destination.



Shall we play at the casino? First challenge guide: game recommendations for beginners

The first is BlackJack. Blackjack is one of the simplest card games. It ends quickly, and it’s thrilling. The player’s win rate is close to 48%. At first, it is recommended to do it with a machine rather than with a dealer. You can challenge for a small amount, but the thrill is the same.

The game rules are simple. A game in which the opponent and the self who first made the number with the sum of cards close to 21 wins. After receiving the first two cards, you can either hit or stay additional cards at your choice. If the sum of the cards exceeds 21, it becomes a burst and loses the game. J, Q, and K are all calculated as 10, and A (Ace) can be calculated as 1 or 11 points in your favor. Luckily, when it reaches 21 with the first two cards received, it becomes’Black Jack’ and receives 1.5 times the bet amount.



Shall we play at the casino? First challenge guide: game recommendations for beginners

The second is Roulette. It is a popular game that is much simpler than blackjack. Roulette is a game of guessing which number and color the spinning ball will land on. You can bet on any of the numbers and colors indicated on the turntable.

There are 11 types of bets. From the straight bet that targets only one number from 1 to 36, there are several options, such as two numbers, three numbers, even numbers, odd numbers, red numbers, and black numbers. Let’s demonstrate.


Shall we play at the casino? First challenge guide: game recommendations for beginners

The third is a game called Daisai or SIC BO. It is a traditional Chinese game that even beginners can easily play. Because this is a game that Asians especially love.


Taisai is a game in which 3 dice are bounced to match the odds. There are 11 types of bets like roulette. If the sum of the three dice is even or odd, if two of the three dice are the same, if the three numbers are the same, the odds of each bet are different. As the odds are high, the probability of success is high, but the excitement of winning will be greater.

Ah! One tip here. I’m not sure, so let’s take it for fun. It is said that casinos have certain rules in terms of marketing. On Friday and Saturday evenings, there is a high probability that the jackpot will go off at the machine in front of the bathroom where many people come and go. It is an unfamiliar casino, but I recommend you to experience it at your travel destination. There are also many games that you can enjoy lightly with little money.…

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